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Plant Ally Zine + Guided Meditation

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Image of Plant Ally Zine + Guided Meditation

Ever wanted to connect even further with the world of plants and the earth mother? Curious about getting started in the world of herbalism and working with plants for medicinal use but have no idea where to start?

In this easy to follow recipe and instruction manual, you'll learn the basics of herbal folk medicine and more vibrational and ritual healing like how to make your own flower essences and ritual baths.

A tarot spread, intuitive prompts, and a list of resources can be found in this offering.

It's suggested to start by listening to the guided meditation to find your plant ally and then go through the zine to unlock new ways to work with your new plant friend. This meditation you can come back to at any point in your life, and continue to use the zine to hone new skills.

Each order receives a handmade zine in the mail (FREE US SHIPPING!) and an audio download emailed to them.