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Demeter Herbal Bath Tea


Image of Demeter Herbal Bath Tea

--100% Natural and 100% Handmade--

4oz. glass jar, tea bad included

The ancient Goddess of the harvest and fertility, D E M E T E R holds dominion over the earth and the seasons. She bestows her gifts of nature to help us, heal us, and celebrate with us. Just like our own mothers, she takes care of us when we need her the most.

Immerse yourself in healing herbs this winter when you are feeling stressed, having trouble trouble sleeping, catching a cold, feeling cold in your core, or need to receive the Goddess.

Demeter's radiant gifts have been bottled up to serve your radiant health. Calming and warming like a Mother's hug, D E M E T E R bath tea is nourishing for the soul. Lightly dusted with coconut milk powder like a early spring meadow dusted with snow, to make your skin silky smooth and feel like a Goddess when you need it the most.

--Directions: Run a warm bath. Fill bag with tea and tie it under facet to let the warm running water steep the tea. Keep bag in bath while you soak in the healing medicine. Bag is reusable.

-List of Ingredients: Chamomile, Calendula, Elderflower, Lavender, Passionflower, Mugwort, Catnip, Cinnamon, Ginger, Coconut Milk Powder
*All herbs organic

Handmade in small batches in Philadelphia, PA

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